Double Stuffed Plumpers - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Wyldroze is another well-fed XL Girl who believed the lies that being thin is wonderful and important to be successful and happy. Lies! Filthy lies spread by evildoers. Our heroes, self-trained and self-certified doctors, attempt to cure Wyldroze of her delusional belief system with nothing but their aching cocks as their sole medical instruments. They are dedicated to changing this false belief system that is not the fault of Wyldroze, but the fault of a corrupt society that uses TV and magazines to brainwash trusting women into going on insane diets and paying surgeons enormous sums to cut off their breasts. God bless these two breast-loving men of medicine because they cured Wyldroze of her erroneous delusions in this scene from the DVD Double-Stuffed Plumpers. And she was fucked good too.