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There's a shyness about Monica Love that comes through in her videos, even when she's masturbating. The girl-next-door type, she seems like she would be bashful to even say the word fuck. But she shows how not-shy she can be at XL Girls. It's Monica's first time trying a boy-girl scene and she proves how horny she can be with a good sex tutor. Waiting outside in the cold for her hot date, Monica is all big tits and shapely legs, her coat open at the cleavage zone to show how she fills her bra so well. When Steve drives up, Monica can't wait to get inside and neither can he. As soon as they walk through the door, Steve is all over Monica's breasts. He takes her tits out of her bra and gives her lip service, kissing and sucking her tawny nipples and areolae. He drops his drawers and Monica immediately gets a grip on his shaft, then cups her boobs together so he can pump her warm cleavage. They're still fully dressed.