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If breast bouncing in and out of a bra was a competitive sport, ever-smiling Erin Star would win a gold medal. The same for self-sucking. As Erin shakes and dangles her tits, they fall out of her bra. Erin, like her big sister Helen, is a self-sucker of epic proportions. And her tits have gotten bigger since her debut. We asked Erin what guys ask her to do the most when she goes on her webcam. "Guys love to see me play with my boobs. They tell me it makes them crazy. They want to see me bounce them up and down without using my hands. "What they want to see most from me is jumping and shaking my boobs. I like to have fun and I like it when the guys see me having fun. It is all play for me and a good time. I do not see it as a job." Read More »