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"I know how much you like dessert," Kamille Amora says as she cups her tits. "So I got you some chocolate. I might have something better for you, though." Kamille knows exactly what we want. She's the type of girl you skip dinner for and dive head-first into dessert. Seductive and busty, Kamille is serving up another helping of sex appeal and cock-hardening boob and pussy shots. It's said that it's not polite to play with your food, but Kamille proves that proper manners are a bit overrated. Kamille grabs a flute filled with ice cream from the table behind her and spreads some of it onto her boobs. Kamille's making a little bit of a mess, but we would gladly offer her a helping hand--or mouth. Kamille then picks up her left breast and licks the ice cream off of it and does the same to the right. And she's just getting started.