Gia Costello: Just Wait Until Her Husband Gets Home - XL Girls

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Nade is going crazy watching his dad's new wife Gia Costello straighten out the furniture. He should be out of the house and chasing girls his own age but he'd rather beat off fantasizing about fucking her. The reasons he's driven insane are because: Gia Costello is wearing tight shorts, high heels and a halter top tied in the front. Gia has big tits that keep falling out of her halter when she bends over to arrange the furniture. He loves staring at her curves and her ass when she bends over in front of him. His mind is filled with filthy thoughts about Gia since she moved in. He's been waiting for his father to leave town on business so he can make his fantasy come true. Now's his chance. Nade leaps off the couch, grabs her and sucks on Gia's nipples like a wild man. Instead of giving him an open-handed slap across his face to cool him off, she loves that he's slobbering all over her heavy boobs. Gia sits on the couch when Nade takes his cock out and she immediately begins… Read More »