Hooter Hospital - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Krystal Swift is back swiftly and while she was away, she became a nurse. This piece of news is guaranteed to inspire a flock of guys to seek treatment from her. This malingering loafer is one of them, hoping he can simply check out Krystal's shapely rack by pretending he was in a motorbike accident. This guy walks into Hooter Hospital not wearing any pants? Get the fuck outta here! However, Krystal is a true healer and she uses her big naughty norks, sexy lips and tight cooch to cure men she believes are in need of help. She's too trusting, in our opinion. Krystal checks out his alleged bad leg and arm. She decides to apply some medicine to his leg. It's not the only thing that's stiff. Krystal moves further up his leg, gives his junk a squeeze and that's all it takes for Dennis to move in on her big tits. He's got insurance that covers sucking a busty nurse's nipples? Where can we sign up? An angel of mercy, Krystal lowers her head and puts his prick in her mouth.