Hot-N-Steamy Plumper - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

So fresh and so clean. There's nothing like watching a hottie get clean after a long day of being dirty. Kamryn Monroe's second visit to our studios could not have been more successful. She posed and teased us enough that we had to take a few bathroom breaks in between shoots (you know what we mean), she filmed her first tits and tugs--which you will see later this month--and she set herself apart as one of the hottest babes XLGirls.com has to offer. Through it all, she remained the same lovable gal we met not too long ago. "It's always an experience being here," Kamryn said. "It's so much fun, and the attention is amazing. I can't wait to come back again." Kamryn won't have to worry about that. We know the calls from XL Men will be loud to bring this gal back immediately.