If The Bra Fits - XL Girls

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Laddie Lynn is a newcomer. Someone on her webcam told her that she'd be a good fit for XL Girls, and they were totally right. Photogenic Laddie (pronounced "Lady") has double-K boobs and pointy nipples and she enjoys showing them off. She really plugged her soaking-wet pussy good. The camera was right on top of her and picked up every squish-squish sound. XL Girls: How often do you wear bras? Laddie: I generally wear a bra but I sometimes wear a baggy sweater so I don't have to. I never wear a bra around the house. XL Girls: You have double-K's. Where do you buy your bras? Laddie: I have to get my bras custom-fitted, then take them to a seamstress for final touch-ups. XL Girls: Are you a sports fan? Laddie Lynn: This year I was a total fan girl for Michigan State men's basketball and the Carolina Panthers. .