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Kiki Rainbow likes them thick. "Them" being flesh and blood cocks and toys. They must be thick to give her pussy the feeling of being filled-up and stretched. "I masturbate a few times a week," said Kiki, who lives in Cleveland, Yorkshire. Kiki loves to swing her huge tits and she likes to swing at a swingers' club she visits. Her fuck friends have their hands full with those breasts. "When I masturbate, I like to have nipple clamps on. I like to watch Lesbian anal play porn while I either stroke my clit with my fingers or use a vibe bullet to stimulate myself while I use a nice, girthy dildo in my very wet pussy." Kiki brought one of her girthy dildos with her that she calls Billy Bob and stuck it in all the way to the hilt, pulled it out and repeated. No pencil-thin toys for this lady. She wants her cunt filled with big and fat toys and cocks and she likes to be watched by other people, one of the reasons she goes to swingers' clubs. "I like to start slow and build up the speed… Read More »