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Kitty Cute found her calling in nude modeling and made her way to The SCORE Group in 2017. She was an instant smash hit. In 2018, Kitty joined a team of bra-busters in the Dominican Republic for the week-long group shoot, On Location North Coast. Since then, we've all enjoyed seeing Kitty at XLGirls. Four years later, at the end of 2021, a major door of opportunity opened when Kitty made the decision to have sex with porn studs on-camera. Patience is the key, proof again that models move at their own speed, and they're ready when they feel they're ready. Kitty is the first of her Romanian model-girlfriends, Roxanne Miller, Mia Sweetheart and Erin and Helen Star, to have sex on-camera. In the words of a former editor, "All girls fuck. But not all girls will fuck with a camera rolling." Kitty calls herself sexually assertive. She loves to sing, dance and model. Her favorite position is "like a cat." She enjoys getting titty-fucked, and the boob-drunk studs who've had the honor… Read More »