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Laura Tithapia has a busy schedule as a massage therapist. Her talented hands can massage your stiffness away and provide pleasurable relief. For some clients who need extra therapy and attention, Laura's educated mouth, big tits and tight pussy hole may be applied. This is the case with Tom Holland. His neck and shoulders are stiff so he comes to Laura on a buddy's recommendation. As soon as he sees her curvy, busty body in a tight, short dress and high heels, the stiffness works its way down. Like anyone else who meets Laura Tithapia, all he can think about now is busting a nut on her face, boobs or ass. Laura gets busy on Tom's shoulders and neck. She leans forward as her magic fingers work their miracle. The sight and feel of Laura's soft, large, fleshy jugs and the intoxicating scent of her creamy skin compel Tom to reach out and fondle Laura's breasts. He takes a tit out of her bra and sucks the nipple, then both nipples. She loves a good lip-lock on her titties and kneels… Read More »