Living Room Dream - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

What is breast in life? To be a member of XL Girls. To enjoy all of the sexy babes who make it special. To see Lavina Dream in all her glory wearing a tight sweater and tight pants walking down a flight of stairs. To see Lavina take off those clothes while she speaks in her sexy Romanian accent. Our camera takes the low ground and aims high as Lavina plays with her big beautiful tits, sucking her nipples and squeezing those gorgeous mounds of breast flesh. A sight that brings tears to an XL Man's eyes. "Yes..they are free now," Lavina moans as she sinks her fingers into her soft tit meat and lolls her tongue at you. Her nipple-sucking and kissing make smooching sounds. No background music is needed to drown out those sounds and Lavina's heavy breathing. Lavina shakes her knockers, swinging them like bell clappers, the camera still aimed at her from the bottom of the stairs.