May The Fourth (of July) Be With You - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Cherry Brady will hoist your flag in this classic scene. You'll be standing at attention before you know it as you observe Commander Cherry performing her drills in her military compound. She's been the serviceman's busty wet dream since day one. Every man is a tit man to Cherry. "Definitely! They say they aren't but they are. There are guys who tell me, 'I'm not a tit man; I'm an ass man,' so I just walk away. I don't have any use for an ass man. But most guys want big tits if they're being totally honest. Maybe their girlfriend's tits aren't that big, and they don't want to say it in front of her." Commander Cherry has issued her orders and they need to be followed. One of her most-important orders is for us to pull our flag poles out of our fatigues so she can inspect them.