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Allie Pearson's friend suggested she try contacting TSG. "He was infatuated with my breasts," said Allie. "He said 'I know of this great opportunity for you if you'll send pictures to them.'" That great opportunity was TSG. "I gave it a try. I heard it was in Miami and I've never been here so..might as well!" When Allie's friend first saw her, she was wearing a low-cut V-neck shirt under a very tight jacket that pushed her boobs up. That's called motivating factors where we come from. If they hadn't crossed paths, Allie would not be here and we'd all be missing out on a sexy, big-boobed beauty. So big props to Allie's friend who's now our friend, too. Dave asked Allie the question, "Is it out of character for you to even be here?" "Yes, it is," Allie replied. "It's very, very new.