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There are many spectacular sights in life that lead to heavy breathing. High on the list is the moment when the amazing Mer lowers her lingerie to expose her huge, beautifully shaped tits. "I made myself pretty for you," Mer says in Spanish. The fact is, Mer is always pretty and sexy. Her personality is erotic and sensuous. Mer gets into bed to rub her pussy and self-suck her nipples. It's a little show before Mer gets to the main event in this scene: her first XXX scene at XLGirls.com. "Come here," Mer sweetly and gently commands, staring with wide eyes. "I want to suck your dick." Mer reaches out for the cock and puts it in her mouth to suck, kiss and lick it like a lollipop. "Do you want to fuck my tits?" Yes, please. This gorgeous redhead with a spectacular rack alternates between giving you head and a hand job, with wrapping her massive breasts around your shaft and tit-fucking you. A tit-fuck from Mer is like getting your wish after rubbing Aladdin's lamp. Mer's body tingles… Read More »