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Haydee Rodriguez puffs on a cigarette, rubbing her enormous jugs over and under her retro-styled hooter-harness. She looks like some hot skirt from the 1940s waiting for a private dick to enter her dressing room. "Feels good," she moans, between puffs. She licks her nipple, stubs out her smoke and says that her boobies are dry. They need lotion. As Haydee moisturizes her knockers, our camera dives in for a closer look. She loves a cock between her "boobies" and to drive the point home, rubs one arm between her mounds. XLGirls.com would like to nominate Haydee for an Areolae Award. We don't have one yet but it's not a bad idea. Haydee's areolae are pancake-sized and dark brown.