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Naia Bee primps and poses in the mirror, checking out her spectacular curves. For this occasion, Naia's put on a tight dress that hugs her curves and huge boobs like a second skin. Now she's ready for Mr. JMac, who is absorbed in reading in the living room. When he gets like this, a hot girl with big tits, a thick body and a spankable ass always snaps him back to reality. As soon as he sees Naia ready and eager for some hot lovin' and checks out how smokin' she looks in her dress, he's on her like glue. Her nipples stiffen and enlarge from their tit-play. When Naia Bee is in heat in front of you, you either know it immediately or you're studying for the priesthood. Naia's boobs give JMac a lot to savor and he makes the most of this gift from the hooter heavens. Her butt-cheeks call out to him also and that means he has to give her some loud spanks, something she loves. Once Naia's been undressed in record time, JMac has her sit and fucks her mouth and tits with hard pumping. She… Read More »