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Meet Kimmie Kaboom. She will pump you up with her first XLGirls.com scene until you go kaboom yourself! Another extraordinary New Discovery. Kimmie tells her photographer about an especially exciting fling she had with a date after a New Year's Eve concert. They drove off to a secluded spot, got into the back seat and made their own fireworks. Reliving that memory gets Kimmie horny. Miss Kaboom plays with her huge, mouthwatering tits and sets off some fireworks of her own once she slips off those panties blocking the view of her heavenly hooha. "I love to walk and hike to see nature's beauty," says Kimmie. "I used to do full-contact roller derby. I love to work on cars and go to car club shows." "When I masturbate, I usually start off rubbing my titties and nipples while slowly making my way down to my pussy. I spend a lot of time rubbing my clit.