Personal Trainer - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Lovely Monica Love is so soft-spoken and sweet that you need a shot of insulin when you see and listen to her. She wants to start a training program with a fitness director but she needs to start easy and she tells him that in her honey-coated voice. No worries, Monica. He'll be very careful and before long, the term "personal trainer" will have new meaning. First, he stands behind Monica and stretches her limbs, very gently. Next, he places her on an oval exercise ball and has the brunette charmer try some abdominals, again very slowly and cradling her every inch of the way. Her tits approach his face and Monica is pleased with his reaction. She's picked a guy with dedication. He wants those tits in his hands and mouth, for starters. He eases Monica out of her clothes and they sit on the ball facing each.