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"I really love oral sex and I give a really good blow job," Sienna Hills told the XL Girls' magazine editor. You can see that sucking skill in this close encounter. "So if a guy is kissing me nice and touching me and rubbing me and slowly working his way to my tits and squeezing my ass and things like that, I'll be going down on him pretty soon. I'll kiss his chest and slowly work my way down and suck his cock." In this scene, Sienna enjoys one of her favorite fantasies, getting fucked in a pool hall, on the table and off! The boys at XL Girls were pleased to make Sienna's wish cum true. Sienna was featured in the 15th anniversary collectors' issue of XL Girls magazine (SCORE Special #273). An excerpt from her interview was published. "I always wear short little skirts, or short shorts where you can almost see my panties. I wear stiletto heels so my legs look longer. And, of course, with these breasts I like to wear low-cut tops and show these babies off." .