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Model, photographer, writer and mother-to-be Roxanne Miller chats with XL Girls as she waits for the next stage of her life to begin. And as she waits, we photograph her. XLGirls: Do your breasts fall out of your top in public? Roxanne: When I was wearing three-to-four cups smaller bras. It's happened a few times that they got out of the bra. XLGirls: What are your favorite brands of bras now? Roxanne: I like the padded bras. They make the breasts look beautiful, round, firm and attractive. I don't buy brands. I buy the model of bra. XLGirls: What should we know about you that we do not know? Roxanne: Let me think. Well, right now I am on a strict sugar-free diet so I am actually losing weight while gaining weight! So after I give birth I might be slimmer than I was before getting pregnant. Don't worry. Even at my skinniest, I had big boobs.