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Who loves pretty girls with heavy breasts and great asses? Who loves a girl speaking in sexy, accented English or her native tongue. Who loves a girl who's proud of her rich, ripe body and loves to show it off for your pleasure and hers? Roxanne Miller (XL Girls On Location) has great big beautiful boobs, a curvy tush, shapely thighs and calves and a pretty face. She's proud to be so blessed so she's paying it forward to you. XLGirls: Hi Roxanne, what is your bra size now? Roxanne: I think I am a JJ. I need to buy a new bra to know. But there is a funny story about it. I can't find a 36JJ. XLGirls: What are your measurements now? Roxanne: 49.5 inches around my tits, up from 47 inches. XLGirls: What about your under-bust size? Roxanne: That is now 36 inches. XLGirls: Have your breasts ever broken a bra hook or a bra strap? Roxanne: Oh! So many times! I remember one time, I was in a club and I was wearing a see-through blouse. I went to the bathroom and when I bent over, Kaboom! The hook exploded! I was like..think..think..think..what to do now! XLGirls: Have you ever broken a bikini strap? Roxanne: I had a bikini top that I used a lot in my cam shows. The strap broke. I watched it breaking! XLGirls: At least it didn't break at the beach.