Sadie's The Main Course - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

"Oh, you're home early," Sadie Spencer says as Juan enters the room. "That's wonderful because I just got done making dinner." "Wow, that looks delicious," Juan replies. "Everything looks great." The food does look good, but honestly, we can't take our eyes off Sadie's tits pushed up by her bra and form-fitting dress. We know Juan well enough to know that he's thinking the same thing we are. He's a fellow boob hound. "Are you staring at something?" Sadie asks when she notices that Juan's eyes are firmly affixed on her E-cup naturals. "Do you like what you see? How about we help you out here." Looks like the hot meal Sadie laid out is going to get cold. But who could turn down the tits and ass platter Sadie is serving up? Certainly not us. .