Samantha & Sapphire in Knockin' Nipples - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Samantha Sanders and Sapphire. Knockin' Nipples. The meeting of two jaw-dropping mammazons. Like Wonder Woman meeting Xena, Warrior Princess. Except our girls have much bigger tits and asses. They could smother a man to death with their big, fat, creamy jugs. Like drowning in velvet. If this pair-off doesn't tear a hole in your boxers, these girls will give up and become nuns. To see them together is a once in a lifetime happening, because Sapphire is an American and Samantha is English..they live thousands of miles apart and the odds of them coming together again for another mammary romp are very high. It was actually good timing and coincidence that they were both in the SCORE Studio the same week.