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Nila Mason (pronounced Nee-la) is one of the newest XL Girls rockin' the house with her beautiful face and plump body, big tits and chubby ass-cheeks. "Hottie of curvalicious proportions..my favourite," writes XL connoisseur Seth. "Fantastic new arrival..simply gorgeous!" This scene, Nila's second, is a lesson for all XL Girls in general. When they get dolled up to leave the house for a night out, they should dress first and not let the guy get suited up before them. Because what happens is the guy falls asleep in his clothes waiting for her and when she waltzes in the bedroom to wake him up and show him what she's wearing, he gets horny and wants sex right then and there. So they never leave the place. This happens all the time to XL Girls models and we know they'll agree. When Tom sees Nila in a tight, form-fitting dress, it's all over for going out and he's all over her, rubbing her lips with his boner, squeezing it between her deep cleavage to fuck her tits and plowing her from behind like a mad man. Nila Mason: a girl you want to show your love to. .