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Beautiful Scarlett Monroe called herself a nerd. We protested. Scarlett is in no way, shape or form a nerd. A happy college coed who studied biochemistry, Scarlett likes to go commando. She came to XL Girls wearing no bra and no panties. We hate to say this but we will: "Scarlett, did it hurt much when you dropped in from heaven?" Her body is breathtaking and her personality is magnetic. Scarlett can't go anywhere without guys dropping at her feet and wanting to do stuff for her. They want to buy her gas when she goes to a gas station. They want to buy her drinks and dinner. She says one dude wanted to take her on an $8,000 clothes-buying spree. Scarlett looks so sweet, so innocent, but she has a wild side that she talks about. She also brought along her big pink Rabbit from home. Scarlett likes to surf, skateboard, draw, paint, sing, play volleyball, run and go to concerts. On her to-do list is to sky-dive, cliff-jump and cave-dive. We'll just watch Scarlett do those things. Read More ยป