Sunshine's Yuletime Log - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Sunshine just loves the Xmas holidays! Everything is so festive and cheery. She makes a fine Jiggle Belle. Her nipples are stiff. It was cold on the day this video was made. That's because sometimes we run the AC too low at XL Girls in Miami. Sunrise brushes away the fake Miami snow from her lovely red sweater that is somehow resistant to ripping apart from the pressure of her tasty torpedoes. Sunhine pulls out her incredible, heavy jugs..big boobs meant to suck and fuck! It's time to get a Yule Log between her thighs. Hey, here cums "Bad Santa" dragging his male sack. Better him than his annoying elves. He's got a big present for Sunshine, and it's not a body lotion gift box.