Sweater Bustin' Coed - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

It's easy to fantasize Suzumi Wilder as a busty coed. Because Suzumi is a busty coed. It must be a difficult thing for her male classmates and some of her male instructors to handle. How the hell can they focus on..focus on..wow, what a bod on this pretty blonde! She must be an A+ student and that's not describing her bra-cup size! Please, no "Give her an F" jokes. College questionaires are somewhat different than the ones at XL Girls. On ours, Suzumi wrote under Special Talents, "I think I'm pretty talented at gaming, drawing and painting. And, oh, deepthroating." Say again? "I feel like I can get into anything if the mood is right. Some of my favorite things are to have my ass smacked while I'm being fucked and to have my hair pulled." .