Sweater Stretcher - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

"Why do you think people like big boobs in sweaters so much?" Our cameraman asks our latest newcomer, Alaura Grey. "Because they like seeing boobs smushed together?" Alaura responds sweetly. Alaura Grey may be our newest XL Girl, but she's a fast learner and is going to fit in well with her new sisters in mams. Especially with those JJ-cup jugs she snugly tucks into overmatched bras and tops. Alaura buttons up her top just a bit to demonstrate exactly how much boobie power she has. "I'm popping through," she says. This video just started, but we're already about to pop through our pants. Alaura says she usually tries to cover up her boobs as much as possible. Not because she's ashamed of them, though. Alaura loves her boobs.