Tank Busters - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Nikky Wilder changed her entire life when she decided to connect with XLGirls and become a model. Until that point, it was always something she thought about. Like many girls, she was under the misconception that studios only wanted pretty, slim girls to photograph. Nikky's big boobs have always attracted attention from guys who want to see her topless and from girls who want to touch and feel them. "It happened so much that I got used to it and I enjoyed it more and more," Nikky explained to editor Dave. Nikky pulls out her very large boobs as she speaks. At one moment she struck terror in Dave's heart when he thought she was putting them back in her bra. She was only checking to see what size bra she had on under her tank top. Nikky talks in more detail about her life growing up with huge boobs.. school, boobie friends and being the BTOC (Big Tits On Campus).