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Tessa Orlov first met Tom Holland when she went to a ladies' spa for a massage. Naturally they fucked. They met again when Tom and his bro Steve Q. dropped by to double-fuck her. Time since passed, but when Tessa Orlov goes shopping for a new dress, she visits a dress store that Tom manages. She decides she wants the dress that's on one of the mannequins. Tom is sure it's not going to fit and tells Tessa he has to measure her bust. He measures Tessa over her dress but she knows that won't be accurate so she lowers her dress. Tom measures Tessa again. Just to make sure it's right. Tessa lowers her bra to expose her boobs. It's not known how Tom learned how to use a tape measure before he opened his shop. He spends more time feeling up Tessa's gigantic tits than he spends getting her sized. Although, we must say we'd be doing exactly the same thing he's doing. Tessa takes pleasure in seeing his expression as he admires her tits. While scooping up fistfuls of her succulent breast… Read More »