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Tessa Orlov is back in all of her sweet and chubby goodness. It's girls like Tessa at XLGirls that make us wish we had trained as gynecologists. She's the cutest little peach you could pick to spend time with. Tessa worked as an ice cream salesgirl. "I did well because I have big breasts," Tessa said with a smile. Then she discovered the flavor of XLGirls and decided to give it a taste. Not one to give us the cold shoulder when we invited her to our Europe studio, Tessa signed on. "I like to take pictures of myself naked at home," said Tessa. "But this is different and better. Makeup and clothing make me feel very sexy. I really enjoyed the treatment I received last time I visited. I have watched all of my videos. I really like the quality of the shoots and the whole workflow of the day. I'm glad to be back for more. It adds spice to my life." Read More ยป