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Our friend Roxanne Miller looks a little "different." She has what she calls her "Christmas present." Now Roxanne's boobs are bigger, her nipples are browner and her breasts are more veiny. Roxanne chatted with XL Girls from her home in Romania. XL Girls: Roxanne, are your breasts and nipples more sensitive now? Roxanne: Yes, definitely! My nips sometimes are hurting from how sensitive they are. Most of the time they get me fucking horny XL Girls: What size bra do you buy now? Roxanne: I didn't buy any bras for now. I bought back strap extenders though as it was getting tighter and tighter. XL Girls: Are you planning on breastfeeding your baby? Roxanne: Yes! It's the natural thing to do and I am right now, all about the natural. It's healthy at the same time. Both for me and the kiddo. And then my tits will be so huuuuge because of the milk. Can you imagine? XL Girls: We're trying to, Roxanne. .