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Tia Imea was a self-employed art gallery owner when she sent her at-home snaps to The SCORE Group. Tia wanted to model and chose XL Girls. Tia's time modeling was very short and was basically a fling, a way to satisfy a fantasy she had wanted to fulfill and cross off her list. We at XL Girls are happy to be used for this kind of purpose! "Getting a man off in bed is what gets me off. There is nothing like this feeling and the sight of seeing his cock spurt his juice because of what I did to him and how excited he gets by looking at me," Tia said before she met Anthony for this hot fuck scene. "I have an incredibly high sex drive and if I can't have sex with a partner, I'll masturbate and cum that way. When I meet a guy for the first time I look at his package first then his hands. I want sex as often as I can get it. I'm passive or assertive depending on the guy. Some men are very aggressive, others are laid back.