Trinity Pops Her Cherry - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

It took the editor of XL Girls four years to get Trinity Michaels back to The SCORE Group. Originally a Voluptuous Girl at SCORELAND, Trinity has been webcamming since then and sometimes it's difficult to get webcam girls to leave their bedrooms, even those who know us and have been here. But an editor must be persistent and never give up hope. He never lost hope in Trinity's return one day as the calendar pages flew off the wall. Recently, Trinity accepted the invitation. Trinity also decided to do a boy-girl scene. The brunette from Tampa also decided to do an anal scene with the people's choice super-stud JMac. Her big tits are bigger too. This was proclaimed a day of happiness and joy throughout the land of XL Girls. What does Trinity say about Trinity? "I'm honest and sweet and I will be there through thick and thin," says Trinity.