Trinity's New Curves - XL Girls

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It's been far too long since we've seen Trinity Michaels and we've missed her. Being the sweet girl that she is, the feeling is mutual, so she's primped and prepped to give us a little treat. "Hi, baby how are you?" Trinity says as we open the scene. "I've missed you and I thought I might do something special for you. I decided to get dressed up. I hope you like it!" Well, that's not even a question. Trinity already has both of our heads standing at attention. "I know you love this blue dress because it shows off my figure just right," she adds. Trinity is right about that, but we're prone to impatience when it comes to hot, busty girls with endless curves. As nice as it is to see that blue dress hugging her soft, childbearing hips, we'd like it even more if it were on the floor, her tits in our mouth and our cock in her cunt.