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During a break from her photo shoot in Prague, Roxee wanted a cup of coffee so she put on her coat and went for a walk to the local coffee shop. She's covered up well from the cold except for the rounded mounds of her massive twins. The photographer offered to walk her there because A) he's a gent B) he wanted to film Roxee walking. The cobblestoned street was a little tricky to walk on in high heels. "But it's totally worth it. I love the attention I get," Roxee mentions to him. "I read the comments that the guys post and I love reading what fans are saying and what they like," Roxee tells us. "I love all my fans and appreciate them." Roxee enjoyed her trips to the Czech Republic. Our photographer has driven her around town to show her a few places. She enjoys the flavor and style of Prague and its historic architecture and art.