We Love Lucy - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

"Hey, baby," Lucy Lenore says as her scene opens. "Do you want to see me play with my tits?" Lucy's hot enough for us to appreciate her body even when she's fully-dressed, so there's no chance we're turning down another opportunity to see her play with her tits. Of course, we'd never say no to anything involving Lucy's J-cups. We'd take a nap on them, eat a meal off of them or whatever else you can imagine. Tits this big and this luscious leave you a lot of options. "Don't you wish you could touch me?" Lucy adds. "I wish you could touch me." She's so close, yet so far away that she already has us inching closer to dropping our loads. But the fun has only just begun. Lucy teases us with her tits before exploring the rest of her body. There's a lot of beautiful ground to cover and we're always up for plumper exploration.