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Hailing from Ohio, this buxom brunette's body is perfect for contorting into all of the raunchiest positions you can think up. But when you have a body like hers, the classic positions can be just as satisfying. Crawling into view on all fours as her latest scene opens, Lucy Lenore looks ready to take a doggystyle pounding. "Don't you like my big ass in these jeans?" Lucy says, smacking her bottom. We sure do, but we know we'll like her ass even more out of them. "Don't you want to just take a bite," Lucy adds. In urban lexicon, big butts are referred to as "apple bottoms," and Lucy has one big enough to feed a small village. Of course, her backside isn't the only place in which Lucy is blessed. The biggest reason Lucy is here with us--and is a new favorite of the Brotherhood of XL Men--is because she has ample sweater meat. "This bra makes my tits look so big," Lucy says as she fondles her J-cups.