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Pornstars: Maserati

20733 - Maserati and Carlos Rios conduct a science experiment in the first part of this scene. The goal is to see what common object is the closest in weight to Maserati's MLBs (major-league breasts). "I get this question all the time," says Maserati. "How much do your boobs weigh, Maserati?" "I don't know! So we've got a scale." After they weigh some items, Maserati will weigh her melons and we'll see the results. First, they weigh a stapler. Not even close, in our opinion. Then a thick book, an electronic unit and a two-liter bottle of soda. Now..Maserati will weigh her boobs, one at a time. Maserati's right breast comes in at seven pounds, two pounds more than the soda bottle. Her left breast, which Maserati already knows is heavier, weighs 7.5 pounds.

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