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Shayla’s a fetching, big-boobed, dirty-blonde, pretty plumper. In this fictitious setup, Shayla is a stripper, complaining to Jay the club owner that she is not making enough money, and the sage wisdom that Jay offers is that if she takes care of the boss, then the money will follow. Willing to go the extra mile, Shayla gets off ravenously sucking his humongous, horse cock, with whorish, wolfish hunger, gusto, and impressive oral aptitude. Then Jay masterfully licks her bald, quivering quim, before steadily probing her asshole, with his monster cock, as she moans, and cries out, in depraved exultation, while she using a vibrator on her clit. Jay continues his anal assault in spoon, sending her into a moaning, wailing, 7th heaven, whorish rapture. After gluttonously sucking her ass juice from his dingus, she goes for a wild ride on his obelisk of lust, in cowgirl, spurred on by his hard spanking, as she bellows, and bawls, in sluttish jubilation. Moving into doggie, Jay brutishly pounds his colossal cock into her twat, then ass, as she moans, and howls, with uncaged, bestial passions. Then Jay barbarously pile drives his ginormous dick into her ass, making her ardently moan, and shriek. Jay cools her off by pouring a cascade of cum into her mouth, and all over her face and tits, leaving her happily, glazed, and dazed. He then hands her a pile of cash to clean herself up with, proving that it pays to be good to the boss.