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Nova’s a tall, tattooed, pierced, Amazonian, large bodied lass who towers over Jay, our resident masseur, whom she has come to see to work out some of the naughty knots in her sore muscles, acquired from doing too many strenuous fuck scenes. Ever the consummate professional, Jay has her strip and lie face down on his table, then, after a quick exam, he oils her up and he begins to deeply knead and stroke her sore fatty flesh, eliciting some deeply appreciative groans while he pays extra attention to her ass muscles and asshole. Flipping her over, he works down from her massive, mountainous mammaries, over her abdomen, to her bald, hungry harlot’s hole, using his patent-pending finger and tongue massage to release all her pent up tension. He then brings out a vibrating dildo to get at those deep, hard-to-reach spots, and, after she sucks it to lubricate it, he teases her pert nipples before tantalizing her love button and moving it deep into her cave of carnal desires to release her deep-seated tensions as she moans in orgiastic ecstasy. Breaking out the big gun, Jay uses his monster vibe to ensure not an ounce of tension will remain. Soon, her moans of ecstasy turn into wails and giggles of gluttonous, sluttish glee. Ever the dedicated health professional, after Jay puts her in doggie to stretch her butt and back muscles, he tongues her asshole while working the vibrator on her clit to bring her to an explosive, volcanic orgasm. He then leaves her to lay there and try to compose herself until she’s ready to leave.