Amazing Student Bodies of XLGirls - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller together. They make a terrific pair of bosom buddies. Miracles like this didn't just happen. The girls are studying for an important exam. Roxanne looks flustered, a pained expression on her face. She closes her book with a thump. "Roxanne, what's wrong?" asks Lavina. "I'm bored," says Roxanne. "I want to do something else. I think we can pass another way. This is boring." Roxanne shoves the book away. Here we have a good girl-naughty girl match-up. Guess who's the naughty one? Lavina presses Roxanne to be a good student. "Stop being such a geek!" Roxanne says. She leaves the room while Lavina writes her essay. Roxanne returns with a giant ice cream cone. She offers it to Lavina. They share it and lick it together. "It's better than studying," Roxanne says. A dab of ice cream gets on the corner of Lavina's lips. Roxanne leans over and licks it off. Study takes a low priority as they taste each other's lips and tongues. The girls escalate their… Read More »