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Curly-haired cutie Anna Katz looks good wearing eyeglasses. She's wearing a black dress that zips in the front for easy and fast removal. Underneath, classic underwear adorns her thick and sexy body. Bra, garters and stockings (but no panties) are revealed when she unzips. Anna slaps, claps and rubs her massive breasts for a nice amount of time and makes them shine with clear lube. Reaching over to pick up her gigantic pink dildo, Anna lubes up the tip and thrusts it in and out, over and over, moaning with pleasure until the Russian goddess breathlessly orgasms. Anna usually masturbates with her fingers but sometimes, like now, she prefers to use a dildo. She calls one of them Johnny. Anna loves to read comments about herself and her scenes. She says it energizes her. Read More ยป