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Jammin' Jennie ("Jam In Jennie") from Jacksonville, Florida measured a whopping 50-36-48 and wore a 44E bra when she shot for XL during our formative years. Weighing 230 pounds, Jennie was one of the first XL Girls. Jennie used to work a regular job as a bookkeeper but decided to switch careers and make naked modeling and fucking her life's work. Here she bangs the pizza delivery guy, the dream of pretty much every food delivery guy who's ever knocked on a stranger's door. The plumper and the cable guy were not available to get to the studio. "I like well-hung, big black guys," Jennie told XL's editor. She said that being a rock fan when she was younger made her sexually aggressive. "I guess you could say I was a groupie in my late teens and early twenties. I loved rock music and travelled as far as Atlanta to see my favorite groups. I was one of the back door girls who hung out to meet the musicians.