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Those of you who were members three years ago will remember Alyson Galen. Her boyfriend is an XL Girls fan and he encouraged her to send in her at-home snaps to model@scoregroup.com. (For exact details, see BeASCOREModel.com) Alyson had never posed nude in a studio before, let alone spanked one out. She did just fine in her debut. But after that, we weren't sure if she was going to pursue modeling or be a one-hit wonder. We heard from Alyson a few months later, then it was all quiet until just recently when she signaled her desire to return. Alyson has a pair of the biggest areolae a tit-man could find. They are huge--six inches in diameter--and cap off 44F-cup tits. "I get a lot of attention. I used to feel embarrassed but not anymore!" So now Alyson is back after three years, basically looking the same.