Billie's Getting Busy - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

"I have a confession," Billie Austin says as this scene opens. "I have my eye on the neighbor man." There's nothing wrong with this at all. Beautiful, full figured women have naughty needs, and if Billie's neighbor is anything like us, he's had his eye on this H-cup hottie for quite some time. "When I see a hot man my panties get wet and I can't control myself," Billie adds. Like we suspected, Billie's neighbor enjoys the view, too. They say the grass isn't always greener, but if the grass is Billie Austin's, you'd better get your ass over there. Which is what her neighbor, our friend JMac, does. Bilie catches him peeping through the window, and being the horny gal that she is, she invites him in. JMac doesn't waste any time going to work on Billie's lovely lady lumps. In two shakes, he's groping her and pulling her titties out of her top and bra.