Dani Knows The Power of Big Boobs - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

It's obvious that TSG editors dislike their assignments, judging by this video. "I've noticed that a lot of the women who have larger breasts have bigger breasts because they've had kids, so those sag a little bit," Dani Moore said. "Mine are pretty firm. I've had many people ask me if they're fake because of the way they sit and look. Oh, and they float. That's one way you can tell real boobs from fake boobs. If you get in the water, the real ones will kind of float and the fake ones will kind of sink. It's because of the silicone." Although she doesn't look reserved, Dani said she is. "It really depends on the situation. If I'm at work or a few other situations, I'm normally the quiet one who sits there and observes. But if I'm with someone in the bedroom, I'm not so reserved. If someone wants to meet me, that can be as simple as coming up to me and saying hello. Introduce yourself. Eyes are a big attraction to me. A guy's butt, too." Read More »