Demora Avarice: Huge Boobs, Tight Dress - XL Girls

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"This model stops time itself," commented Seth about Demora Avarice. "I'm only 4'11"," Demora wrote. "In the end, I continued growing after the other girls stopped, so now I'm easily the bustiest woman I know." Something outside attracts Demora's attention, prompting her to look out the window. She takes her incredibly huge breasts out of her tight, body-clinging dress and dangles them at the camera. Demora is the breast-man's breast-fantasy woman for many. We, who have looked at a parade of big-busted women for 30 years, gaze at Demora and get completely discombobulated. "Breast expansion and enlargement, saline infusions, an hour-glass figure...my fetishes are more selfish as I like the growth to happen to me." Read More ยป