Heavyweight Hooters - XL Girls

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After banging Max senseless in "Knockout Sex," Samantha Sanders hits the heavy bag herself for three rounds. Good job, Samantha. You're our champ. Samantha's extra-big boobs just can't stay inside her SCORE Group tank top. Send your complaints about that to webeditor@XLGirls.com. How did you enjoy the Prague shoots? Samantha: The Prague shoot was fun. I loved every minute. Did you get to do any sightseeing? Samantha: Yes, I did a little. I also went out at night with a stag party from England. What is your favorite vacation spot? Samantha: Cuba. Do you go braless with a T-shirt? Samantha: Yes, sometimes. What position do you sleep in? Samantha: On my back. How do you rate your sex drive from 1 low to 10 high? Samantha: 10 at the moment!.